Christmas and Birthday Wrap-Up

Christmas came and went without a lot of fanfare. My birthday is two days before Christmas (the 23rd), and it too was pretty tame.

I drove up to Arlington, TX on Christmas Eve to see my folks and stayed overnight until Christmas Day. I left in the middle of the afternoon to come home to Austin so that I could get ready for my move.

My grandparents came over on Christmas. They really are getting old. It’s kinda hard to see my Grandmother in the state she’s in (she has dementia), but I am happy to get to see them nonetheless. Lunch consisted of stuffed shells and tamales.

Christmas was one of the few times that I’ve gone around “in drag.” (Which to me means Men’s clothes, not the other way around.) I’ve chosen to not come out to my grandparents. At their age and background growing up, there is nothing good that would become of that. My grandmother already has dementia – her brain just can’t cope with change. And my Grandfather… well I don’t even want to find out.

It was weird not carrying a purse after I’ve gotten used to it. There’s a lot of changes I’ve had to get used to, but carrying a purse isn’t one of them. Purses pretty much rock.

My birthday was just a normal day, more or less. I set my title on SL to “Birthday Bunny” so at least people would know it was my birthday. I did the same on Twitter and I received a bunch of people telling me happy birthday. That was kinda neat. Also found out that I share a birthday with a bunch of people on Twitter, too.

I can’t report a list of gifts that I received, because I didn’t receive any.

I took myself out to dinner on my birthday over to a salad bar I like. It was good and I was able to say my goodbyes to a number of the staff there that I had befriended over the few years I was a regular there.

Christmas can be a rather difficult emotional time for me. It makes me wish I had a family of my own. It’s hard to watch other people have lots of fun with their families and stuff on things like Twitter and LJ, when I don’t get to participate. Maybe someday, I suppose.

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