Hare Saver

Hare Saver

Written by Bunny, Summer, 2003

“But mom, I don’t wanna!” Jon screamed in the way only an annoyed eight year old boy can.

“Jon, you know we can’t afford three plane tickets,” his mother answered back. “Would you rather we skip Christmas presents instead?”

“No! Nono! But I still don’t wanna do it again! I hate the way everyone stares at me!”

“They only do it because they think you’re cute, sweetie,” mom cheerfully answered back, not missing a beat.

“Why don’t you do it and I’ll fly with dad instead?”

“Don’t be silly. You know that would never work.”

“But how come *I’m* the one that has to become a bunny? Why do *I* have to travel in that silly carry cage? Can’t I at least become something cool like a dog instead?”

“Absolutely not! Dogs are far too big. Dogs have to travel with the checked bags — and there’s no way I’m letting a son of mine ride down in the belly of a plane! No, sitting under my seat is a much better place for you to be. Besides, you know how much your grandmother loves to see you as a bunny!”

“But mom! I hate sitting on the floor in the airport waiting to board the plane. Everyone stares at me and tries to pet me! They keep poking their fingers into the cage to touch me!”

“I told you before that’s that only happens because you make an adorable bunny. No one knows it’s really you, just soak up the attention and enjoy it.”

“But mom–“

“–but mom nothing! I’ll make a deal with you. I know we don’t normally do this, but just this once I’ll pack the treats you really like and you can have them on the plane.”

“The ones in the red carton?”

“Yeah, these,” she replied while pulling the treats out of the sack from her trip to the grocery store earlier. “I just bought them this morning.”

Jon paused to think about the offer. He shrugged his shoulders and said “Well, okay. I guess I’ll do it.”

Mom walked over, hugged him and kissed him on the top of his head. “I knew you’d come around. Here’s your carrot.” She pulled the special carrot out of the fridge and handed it to Jon. “Don’t worry, I’ll be sure and bring extras this time,” she laughed.

Jon laughed too, and grabbed the carrot. He walked back to his bedroom, flopped down on his bed, and began nibbling away.