I hit an important milestone this evening!

I’ve been working on getting my face clear for about a year now. I had six or seven laser treatments, and I’ve been getting electro done for a while now to finish up the rest.

This evening was the first time we were able to clear my face of all of the old growth! There’s still some hairs left and we’ll be at this for a while, but now what’s coming in is new stuff that’s right at the surface and easier to remove.

I had some really deep old growth hairs. My eletrco lady was having to dig down almost a quarter of an inch to get to them. Owwwwuch.

The hard part is over, and I look great!! ❤

Welcome to my World

Just a real quick note here because something kinda interesting happened yesterday, and I’ve decided to not talk about transition related things on a public forum like Twitter.

Yesterday my folks called. Part of the conversation turned to public transportation options that I have here in Alameda. (BART doesn’t go here.)

I mentioned that while I normally take the ferry, there are times when I take BART to get downtown. When I go to get to BART, I drive to the BART station, rather than take one of the buses. (There’s lot of options if I wanted to travel by bus!) My folks thought this was interesting and were asking a lot of questions about why I’d drive just a few miles to a BART station, rather than take the bus.

After dodging their questions for a few attempts I finally gave in and said, “the problem isn’t a logistical problem, it’s a social one. As a transgender female living openly, there are some things I just don’t want to do. Sitting at a bus stop in Oakland alone for 20-30 minutes is one of those things.”

They got really quiet for what seemed like forever, but I’m sure it was just a few seconds. Finally Dad said “Okay, that makes sense.”

Welcome to my world, Mom and Dad