Dancing the Night Away!

We’ve had a weekly dance in the Second Life virtual world almost every Saturday night for many years. These events give us a chance to reach to our community and give them something fun to do on a Saturday night if they don’t already have plans.

They’re also a good way to get people out of them comfort zone and talking to new people. My very first night at Rocket City I was pulled into a dance in the space rink of our old, old build. It was my first chance to listen to music that I normally wouldn’t listen to (and have since come to love) and to talk to people as it’s going on.

Tonight’s even is rave themed. We do a bunch of these. We’re furs and shiney stuff is always fun to look at… and there’s no shortage of rave gear in Second Life.

We normally have a live DJ at our events. This is pretty critical – it allows guests to make requests and lets people interact with the music stream in a way that wouldn’t be possible with just a radio stream. (We sometimes have a live DJ even when there’s no event going on and it’s a big hit!) Tonight’s DJ is charles_fox. He’s been a DJ at Rocket City from the start and is amazing. 🙂