Being Exvangelical

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I’ve had a lot going on in my life.

Since I know no one actually reads this blog but me, I’m gonna start taking it in a different direction, kinda. The posts about being transgender have mostly wound down, as now I’m on the other side, and I live my life 100% as I want to. That’s a nice thing! But there’s not much there to write about.

I hit a point this last spring where I decided I couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore, and I needed to start speaking out. This wasn’t a direction I’d planned on going with my life, but it’s working out, I think. I put together a talk called “Leaving the Flock” about some of the struggles I faced in the evangelical church, as I grew up LGBT from within. I’ve given that talk a couple of times now, and I’d like to do it more, but finding places to speak has been hard.

Leaving the Flock.001 2.png

It has done pretty well on YouTube, however! I’ve managed to touch a lot of people that way. Usually after watching it they tend to contact me to tell me their story, which I like hearing.


I stress that my path is mine, and yours is yours, and where yours goes is okay! I just want people to feel happy and be in a supportive place.
The thing is, that sort of damage just doesn’t go away overnight. I was in the evangelical church for over 30 years. The damage is really deep, and very lasting. It’s gonna take me a while to get past it, if I ever do.

And that’s what I wanna start writing about, at least in part. Things I’m struggling with as I re-learn about the world. There’s a whole community of us out there that go with the term “exvangelical,” meaning someone who is an ex-evangelical.

I might pick apart pieces of Leaving the Flock and post about it here, too, as a way to reach and help others. I know it’s a commitment to listen to me talk for a whole hour, but reading a short thing online isn’t so bad.

We’ll see where this goes. If other people start looking at this blog, maybe I’ll change what I do! But I doubt that’ll ever happen. 🙂