Move to San Francisco Mostly Complete!!

My move to the Great Barrier Reef of San Francisco is complete!

The move was not pain free. I chose the moving company that I did because they were able to come pick my stuff up on December 26th. (I had to be here by Dec 29th.) That would have given me a nice three day drive to get here, if I left after they were done on the 26h. My plan was to go to see the Grand Canyon and see what I could see along the way. I even paid a little more because they were going to get there on the 26th instead of the 27th like everyone else had said.

I get up early on the 26th, and as I packing up my bedroom I get a call saying they’re not going to make it to my place that day. The dispatcher said that my contract said they could come on the 26th or 27th, and they were going to take the 27th. I was not happy, but that’s what was on the contract, so I couldn’t really argue much.

On the 27th they didn’t show up until almost lunch time, and when they did, it was just a crew of two guys. The last few times I had moved a crew of 4-5 showed up – most of them would pack while the rest loaded. In this case it was just two. I was not a happy camper. They didn’t get done until 8pm that night. (I will give them props for not stopping for a break the whole time, however – they just kept right at it until they were done.)

So on the 27th I just took off after they were done and made it to Abilene, TX. At least I was able to get a few hours out of the way.

On the 28th I kept on driving and got to Flagstaff, AZ, and then on the 29th I was able to get the rest of the way here. That was a killer two days of driving, but I had made it and I’m here now.

Once I got here all I had was an air mattress, my clothes, a few plushies, and a small TV. I went to Home Depot the next day and bought a TV tray and a folding chair, and that’s what I had to work with for two weeks.

The moving company was late getting here. They had until Jan 11th to deliver, but of course they didn’t show up until the 13th. I need to file a claim with the moving company to get some money back because they missed the delivery spread, but I haven’t done it yet. (At this point I am just ready to be done with this and don’t really want to talk to them anymore, but I know I need to be assertive on this because I spent a lot of money with them and I should get what I paid for.)

My house is still a mess. There’s boxes everywhere. I was shadowing the on call person last week so I really didn’t get a weekend. (We had issues last weekend that needed to be dealt with.) I hope to get a lot of unpacking done in the next few days, but my feet are killing me because I walk a lot and I need new shoes.

Until my house feels like a home again I won’t call this move “100% Done,” but at least I’m here and settling into my new life and role.