A Heart-Warming Experience

A very heart-warming thing happened today.

I have a friend that flew into town to spend this week with me. She and I are quite close. Our relationship is very strictly platonic, but it’s kinda hard to see that from the outside, as we’re often seen doing things like holding hands and hugging.

While checking in at the hospital this morning, when I was asked who to contact in the case of emergency, I told them my friend. (She was sitting next to me.) She gave the hospital her name and phone number. When asked what our relationship was she said “we’re very close friends, like family,” and that was that. No other questions were asked.

They gave her a form to sign that stated this, which gave them permission to talk about me with her, which she signed, and that was that. From that moment on, it’s as if we were a couple. She was allowed into my room, could come see me as I left the recovery room and everything. When I came out of the OR, the surgeon went to visit with her and told her how things went, etc, just like they would for a spouse.

This evening the surgeon called my house to check on me, but rather than call me, he called her. (A very nice gesture indeed.)

The way the hospital treated us was the highlight of the day. They didn’t let the fact that we’re not a married couple get in the way, and simply treated us in the way we wanted to be treated. It gives me hope that things are getting better in the future. ❤

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