Fun Drive!


What a fun afternoon! I picked a beach and at random that had a parking lot on Google Maps and the put the coordinates into Waze. 90 minutes later I was there. 🙂

I took my SLR, but haven’t looked at the photos yet. It’s really hard to take selfies with an SLR, so here’s a quickie taken with my phone instead. 🙂

The drive home was amazing!! I took CA1 to 84. 84 is one of the most challenging drives I’ve done since it’s 20 miles of curves, but wooooooooow is it pretty! Oh my gosh! I have a new favorite drive. 🙂

When I got onto 280 Waze started yelling at me about fog ahead and it wasn’t kidding. The fog was just rolling over the hills and coating the freeway. It was breathtaking. ❤

This is the most San Francisco day I’ve had yet. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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