Scared-y Bun

Last night did not go according to plan.

Because the Golden Gate Bridge is closed, the Bay Bridge is the only way into San Francisco from both the North and East Bays. I knew this and left myself lots and lots of time to get there, but it still took over two hours to get there. It took over an hour to go less than a mile getting to the tollbooths. My right heel was _really_ hurting by the time I got there.

The place where I was suppose to go was in the Mission. I’d never been there before. I had no clue where I was, really, I was just doing what Waze to me to do.

I got there and the nice brightly-lit parking garage where we were suppose to park was full. Disaster.

I went looking for a place to park for 20 minutes or so, and found nothing. I got really frazzled because people were zooming around me as I was driving kinda slow trying to make out the lines on the street that show where the parking spots are.

I got really scared. I had no idea where I was. I didn’t know if it was safe. When I finally did find a parking spot, it was dark, and the path I’d have to go to get to the party was very dark as well. I had no clue if it was safe to do that… I’d never been there during the daylight.

I just kept going. I didn’t want to risk being unsafe. Finally I found a sign pointing me to 101, and I hopped on the freeway and headed home.

When I pulled into the parking garage at my apartment I was shaking I was so scared. I parked, went up to my apartment and asked a friend to call me.

She quickly did. Once I had the stress of “I need to get home safely” off my shoulders, I broke down with my friend on the phone. I cried a bunch.

I ended up going to bed really early and slept like 10 hours. I feel better today, but last night was about the most terrified I’d ever been in my life. I know I did the right thing — if I’m not sure if it’s safe, don’t stop, ever — but I’m really bummed I didn’t get to go to the Holiday party.

I think it’s time I stopped trying to do things like this alone.

At least I have a cute outfit all picked out for the next time, I suppose.

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