Six Months on HRT!

Six months! Wow, how time files!

This month brought a really harsh reality check. Last week I was in Boston, MA on business. I was there from Monday until Friday. I don’t think I passed once while I was there… this is a very sharp contrast from in California.

I am sure that part of the problem was the weather. It was so humid (85-90% humidity), that I had to put my hair up in order to be comfortable. When I do this, I don’t pass very well. I have great hair, but when it’s up, it does me no good… and you can see some of the male-pattern hair recession I have.

By Wednesday I had just given up. It was so hot and humid that I just left my hair up the rest of the trip and quit messing with it. Just stepping outside was so humid it felt like I was in the shower. I was miserable. I was sir’ed the rest of the time. :\

The worst was at the TSA gate. The dude was holding my ID, which clearly says “F” on it, and was circling my name on the boarding pass (which is a very feminine name!) and said “You’re all set, Mr. $LastName.” I wanted to cry.

When I was on the plane on the way home I let my hair down and brushed it out really well. Upon landing back in San Francisco my magical powers of passing had returned! Instantly I was “Thanks Mam” and “welcome home, Miss” the rest of the trip, as I’m used to.

So, for better or for worse, I learned a lot last week. I have a long way to go. It made me appreciate how lucky I am to get to transition in such a friendly environment here in San Francisco.

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