First Earthquake

So I’ve felt my first earthquake!

I’m fine. I’m on Alameda Island, which is in the East Bay. As far as I know there’s no reports of damage in the East Bay. (Or San Francisco, eithers.)

It woke me up! Never felt anything like that before. At first I was like “I have a vibrating bed??” and then I realized it was the whole building instead. It was a rolling motion by the time it got to my house. I could hear a rumbling sound outside unlike anything I’ve ever heard before.

Nothing of mine is damaged. I heard some plates rattling in the cabinet, but nothing fell. I got on Twitter, we had a furry slumber party talking about it, and then I went back to bed. It took me a while to get back to sleep, but I did.

Napa looks like it got his pretty hard. They have a lot of old brick buildings that haven’t been retrofitted for earthquakes… the things I can see on TV and Twitter look pretty bad.

But I’m fine. I appreciated that a had a bunch of people checking in on me!

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