A Frustrating Day

Hot Guys and Baby Animals
Today was a frustrating day.

My voice has been giving me problems all day. It’s like it’s being coated with phlegm and I’m not sure why… this is a real problem, because it’s like putting handcuffs on me. If I can’t get my vocal cords to vibrate freely I’m unable to shift my voice around as I wish.

I had two meetings today (one of which was a one-on-one where I did a lot of talking), and I kept having to put the mic on mute and cough to break it up enough to let me be able to speak at all. I am so thankful I have coworkers that understand I’m in transition, but UGH.

You can tell I’m having a bad day speaking when I switch to text in a meeting. Everyone else will be speaking and I’m using text to respond to questions. So thankful I have that as an option, and that I type quick enough to make it work right.

In happier news, my doctor has the best books in the waiting room. 🙂

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