The last two weeks I’ve been dealing with something I figured would be coming eventually, just not so quickly.

I’ve had a bit of an admirer I’ve had to deal with on Second Life. (I’d say “stalker” if he was doing the things he was doing in Real Life.) He’s been “staying up all night to see me” (he lives in Germany), and then when I finally do show up been constantly demanding hugs and other sorts of attention.

I figured he was just pretty young and I might be one of the few girls that was ever nice to him. The problem is, I’m not just being nice to him, I’m nice to everyone. I have zero feelings for this person… and after the way he’s been acting, I have less than zero feelings for him… to the point that I’d been avoiding Rocket City because I didn’t wanna deal with him, and that’s not right. I own the place, I should feel comfortable there!

So last night I had a talk with a mutual male friend and he was like “I was wondering if he was bothering you” and I was like “OMG YES.” My friend asked if it was okay for him to have a “man-to-man talk” with the guy and give him the “that’s not how you treat a lady” speech. I said please do. I also let him know that I’ve hit the point where if he keeps it up much longer he’s going to find himself on the other side of a banline.

It was kinda surreal to me, because I’ve given that talk to other people before. Now instead of giving it (and thankfully I never received it), I was the subject of it. I’ve been telling myself “well Bun, you wanted to be a girl. Welcome to womanhood.”

Once again this has reminded me why it’s so important I keep where I work so close to my chest. I work for a fairly small company – less than 200 people – and we only have one office in the Bay Area. (And others around the country, but the headquarters and biggest office is here.) It would be very simple for someone to look up the address of our office and show up at the door with a “surprise” for me or something. (We keep the front doors locked at all times just for this reason. Please don’t fear for my safety at work.)

Hopefully it’ll all work out. Well, it’ll work out fine for me… happiness is a ban and mute away if I need to.

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