More on the Church (Part II)

Well, that escalated quickly.

The Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting is going on right now. This is sort of like the conventions that Political Parties have… but it happens every year. The member churches will send a representative to the convention and they decide on church business for that year.

One of the motions that was voted on was to accept a resolution on “transgender identity.” The full text of this resolution can be seen (on a first party website, no less) here. (Search for “On Transgender Identity.” It’s near the bottom.)

Patheos has a pretty good writeup on it.

I don’t need to quote the whole thing. It’s pretty readable on its own. Here’s a few good bits:

…That we oppose efforts to alter one’s bodily identity (e.g., cross-sex hormone therapy, gender reassignment surgery) to refashion it to conform with one’s perceived gender identity…

…That we oppose all cultural efforts to validate claims to transgender identity…

Fuck off, SBC.

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