Google Reader Woes

I have been using Google Reader for many years to keep track of around 150 websites and read new content on them constantly. In my line of work things change quickly and staying on top of the tech news and developments can be a difficult job to say the least.

Today I have realized that I must be totally color blind. I cannot tell the difference in the gray, light gray, dark gray, light dark gray, lightish gray, medium gray, light medium gray, light light gray and dark medium light gray that now makes up Google Reader. I can’t tell what’s been read and unread unless I look very, very closely.

To make matters worse, I work my day job almost 100% from a laptop with the monitor dimmed a lot to save on battery life. In this state I’m completely unable to see what’s read and unread in Google Reader. (And even on my desktop PC with monitors running on AC it’s not much better.)

You would think that a company with so many bright colors in their logo would understand that there is more than just gray in the color spectrum, but I guess not. They know more than I do, and I don’t see a way to revert the changes back to something with more contrast and/or colors.

I’m dismayed. I’m not sure what to do. Google Reader provided a service I can’t get anywhere else – a way to stay on top of tech sites from three devices and have my read/unread counts follow me. (I use the web interface on my Mac and PC and Feedler on my iPhone.)

I really don’t want to have to write an RSS reader that syncs back to a database, but if that’s what I have to do, that’s what I have to do. 😦

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