Moving Day!

Tomorrow is moving day!

When I moved to Texas from Ohio I still owned a house up north – I was having to pay rent and a mortgage at once, in addition to paying to heat an empty house in a cold part of the country for months. It was a very difficult time.

That all changed in July, 2010 when I accepted a low-ball bid to sell my house in Ohio. It was the first offer I’d gotten in seven months, and it might have been another seven months until I saw another one. I lost several thousand dollars that day (I had to take a loan – which I am still paying off to this day – to cover the mortgage at closing).

However! Tomorrow I finally get to move into a much bigger apartment. I’ve been living in a tiny 580 square foot apartment for the last 13 months. This apartment is so small that Moose’s pen takes up most of the living room. The new place is over twice as big! I get my home office back.

I have been looking forward to this day since I moved to Austin. My life is finally getting back on track and things are coming together. Woo! 🙂

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